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Tech Tip or Tech Bull?

Because tech is so full of bullshit
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 5, 2013
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Ah, technology. So full of bullshit. Arthur C. Clarke once said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Some people took that quote to mean, “You can lie about technology all you want because the idiots won’t understand a word you’re saying.”

That's how some so-called tech myths started to proliferate and eventually were passed off as true by some. Of course, we know better and have actually busted a few of these in the past.

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But, alas! There are still a few more that needs to be settled. So here we are again,  busting more tech myths and outing them for the lies that they are...

TECH MYTH #1: Always completely discharge then fully charge your phone/laptop

Once upon a time, people were told to fully discharge their laptops and phones before charging them. This habit stuck. We were told to do so because old NiCD batteries had the “memory effect.” The stupid batteries would think that they had less capacity if you charged them when they weren’t empty. Since those early days, batteries have become much smarter.

The verdict: This one is actually true—if you live in 1996 and still believe that Milli Vanilli is cool. It’s not true anymore, and you can safely ignore it today. And Milli Vanilli too while you’re at it.

TECH MYTH #2: More cores = faster computer

Ever since computers started sprouting multiple cores, marketing has brainwashed the populace into believing that more cores (dual core, quad core, octo core) means your computer will be faster at everything. In theory, it makes sense: two heads can split up one task and solve it in half the time. But it’s not that simple. Your computer often doesn’t know how to split up a task unless it has the right software. So your octo-core monster rig isn’t always using all eight of its brains. It only uses all of its heads when it has the right software.

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The verdict: A dual core computer will do fine for virtually all computer tasks these days. Spend your money on a video card instead.

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