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TechKnow: 10 Small But Really Kapikon Tech Problems (And Their Solutions)

Tech can reek of BV-inducing annoyances
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 10, 2013
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The local adage goes, "walang malaking nakakapuwing." Translated roughly, it means, despite their size, little things have the potential to eff things up big time. That saying might be centuries old but it still holds true today, even if we're talking about next-gen gadgets that supposedly answers everything.

And what are these "little things" about tech we're talking about anyway? Here we list them down, the ones that bite many of us time and again, adding a bit more BV to our day. But since we're suckers for happy endings, we also added the possible solutions to these head-scratching, kapikon problems. Read on and help put your geek life's stress meter to a low point.

1. The fact that earphone wires coil up and make a bird's nest in your pocket

tech problems and their solutionsWe can relate

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The problem: It's a simple yet really annoying problem. When we take our pair of earphones out of our pocket, it transforms into a buhol-buhol mess of wires that can take forever to untangleno matter how orderly you put it in before.

The (possible) solution: Apparently, trying to coil your earphones in a tidy manner is not enough. The good news is, you can help reduce tangling by using the straps that sometimes go with earphones to keep the wires together. You can also use a very small zip-lock bag to contain the wires. This will help shield them from unnecessary movements that can cause them to coil up. There are also tangle-free serrated wires that come with some earphones and headphones today.

2. The fact that your ears will become painful when wearing your fave headphones

tech problems and their solutions

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Ipit na ipit!

The problem: There's a reason why most headphones are not advertised as good for wearing 24/7: ear pain. This is a common condition associated with using them characterized by soreness of the outer ear. The suspect is usually the unnatural bending of the organ's cartilage that can really put an end to an otherwise swabe soundtrip session.

The (possible) solution: After every hour, remove your headphones for five to ten minutes and massage your ears (but not by poking it) gently. This will help reduce or prevent pain associated with wearing cans and is perfect if you're planning to wear them for many hours (i.e. while typing away in front of a monitor).

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