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FHM TechKnow: 5 Easy Tips To Cool Down Your PC

Because too much heat can eff up your rig!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 2, 2015
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Is your computer hot enough to do this:

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Don't let the smell of delicious burnt meat fool you; that's not cool!

Three things why:

  • Extreme heat can cause the soldered areas of the motherboard to disconnect, potentially rendering parts or even the whole device useless.
  • High temperature bogs down your PC. You see, the CPU loathes extreme heat so much so that it might automatically slow its speed down to lower the temperature to avoid any long-term (and expensive) hardware damage.
  • Lastly, it just feels too uncomfortable to sit in front or handle something that seems like it came from the deepest parts of hell.

Also, haven't you heard? Your overheating, radiation-spewing laptop is an effective sperm-buster!

Okay, we kid, we kid. That doesn't take away the fact that too much heat is bad news for your desktop rig or lappie, though. So do yourself and your computer a favor by keeping things cool, which we can help you out in this edition of FHM TechKnow!

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Heat collects in areas with poor ventilation like a room with only one or no windows. Since there's less airflow to dissipate excess heat, your PC will be (figuratively) sweating like you inside a sauna. So, if you can, set up your desktop computer in a place with air circulation. How do you determine if it has enough? Well, if it's always noticeably hotter inside than outside, then you probably shouldn't be setting up your P50,000 rig in there (unless you have AC, you rich kid you).

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pc cooling tips

Laptop users are guilty of using their laptops on things like pillows and blankets. While your lap will be more comfortable, the same cannot be said for the device. Fabric helps retain heat (which is why you always ask for a blankie when you're cold at night) and chances are the uneven surface blocks some of your laptop's air vents that cool it down. Just look for a flat, even surface and you'll be fine.

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Better yet, get something like this:

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That's a laptop stand with a USB fan for stronger cooling effect. It's quite easy to find as most gadget shops sell one for around P750 to P5,000, depending on the model.


pc cooling tipsImage via

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Your desktop computer's CPU and video card come with a built-in fan to keep the temp down. This isn't enough sometimes and geeks are forced to buy another fan (prices range for as low as P200 to over P1,000 in stores) to combat the heat. If you're as broke as us though, just remove the casing and let your living room's cooling fan do the work. Don't do this often and remember to put back the casing after; dust can collect inside if you're careless.

Speaking of which...


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This goes for both laptops and desktops. Dust and grime collect over time in the nooks and crannies of these devices and, as such, can eff up the cooling system inside. These dirty nasties impede air flow through the device's cooling vents or, in some cases, even prevent the CPU and video card fans from turning. This is another reason why periodic cleaning is important for these (and other) gadgets.

What? You don't know how? Click here and we'll show you!


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In case you didn't know, the harder your computer's processor works, the hotter it gets. This is because more electricity passes through so it can process more instructions under demanding situations, such as when you're watching a Full-HD movie while a gazillion browser tabs are open and a couple or so video-editing programs are running on the side.

If you can, close down the unnecessary programs or give your PC or laptop a well-deserved break by shutting it down until it doesn't feel like a mini oven anymore.

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