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FHM TechKnow: 5 Easy Ways To Extend Your Laptop's Battery Life

Because an extra five minutes can mean A LOT!
by Neps Firmalan | May 4, 2015
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Laptops are miniature versions of that gargantuan PC that's hogging all the desk space on that table in your room/sala. As such, they're smaller, lighter, and can survive without being plugged in, letting you do all sorts of geeky stuff on-the-go.

Thanks to a built-in power supply, laptops are deemed as one of the mobile techie's BFFs. The problem is, their battery life doesn't last forever. And when that "low-batt" warning comes, expect a lot of bad things to potentially happen, like you not being able to IG post the photo of that grub you just ate or view PornHub your boss reprimanding you because you weren't able to finish doing some important office files on time. Scary!

An ever-lasting laptop battery life is the stuff of sci-fi legend. Thankfully, there are easy ways you can extend your time with your laptop before it calls for the charger, and we've listed several of 'em in this edition of FHM TechKnow. Read on!


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The display is among your laptop's biggest energy-eating features, so lowering its brightness will be a positive when it comes to extending battery life. You don't have to lower it to "I-can't-effin'-see-a-thing-levels; putting the meter to the "mid" level is enough to give you an additional five or even ten minutes of juice.

Tip: You can access your display's settings by right-clicking on your desktop and hitting "Properties."


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Your laptop gives power to your speakers, which means going on mute might just extend battery life. This means no Spotify playlists, no ear-shattering MP3s, and certainly no movies with sound effects that remind us of New Year's Eve. Wait, you can still watch movies...if subtitles or lip-reading is your thing.

Tip: If you really must use speakers, go with earphones than a pair of large external speakers--the latter gets more energy from your rig.

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Gaming is one of the biggest energy-consuming laptop choresthe stress of producing 3D eye-candy makes your device's graphics processing unit (a.k.a. video card) work doubly hard, resulting in more juice spent. So, if your laptop's "low-batt," then it's common sense to stop playing for a while. Trust us, you'll have more time to do more important stuff on your laptop if you practice restraint.

Tip: Play games while your laptop's plugged in so you'll have a bigger energy bank when you go mobile.


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You could also call on the power of the Task Manager to extend your laptop's battery life. Activate it by holding and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, then go to the Processes tab, and disable the ones that you think are not vital to your laptop's current operation by clicking on End Task. Be careful though, there are background processes there that are really important, so don't just kill off everything. To help you choose which ones to end, avoid those with the words "Windows" or "Win" in the description.

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Tip: The Task Manager also allows you to view how much CPU power and RAM your laptop is currently using. If you see that RAM and CPU consumption is both at or near max level, then it's time to close some apps. This will help the laptop run faster as well as extend battery life.


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Most laptops today have a built-in battery-saving mode which helps regulate and conserve energy. Many of us take it for granted but it can be a life-saver if your notebook's running low on energy. It's usually accessed via clicking on the battery icon on the lower right part if the display.

Tip: The battery-saving mode does more than save you more power; it also offers several energy plans, depending on how you want to use your laptop, to help you balance performance and energy-efficiency.

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