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TechKnow: What's The Ideal Tablet For You?

Planning to splurge on a brand-spankin' new tablet? <em>Teka, basa-basa muna</em>! Here we help you find the ideal one for you!
by Neps Firmalan | May 13, 2014
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Are you tired of squinting hard just to see that text message from your jowa? Is gaming on an eensie-weensie smartphone display not your cup of tea? Are you feeling constrained by the fact that you only have one mobile device? Do you want something a bit bigger but not as large as a notebook or a PC?

Lastly, are we sounding like we’re part of a freakin’ home TV shopping show?

Forgive us if that’s the case; we just want to help you if you’re experiencing these woes! Enter the tablet. Bigger than your mobile phone but certainly not as chunky as a full-fledged laptop, it’s one of the most patok mobile devices today!

Now you’re mind’s all “OMFG, I so effin’ want it!” Hep hep, isip muna ‘tol! Before you splurge and say goodbye to your hard-earned moolah, here’s a little guide on choosing the ideal tablet for you. You’re welcome!

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Tablet displays are generally larger than those slapped on smartphones, but they’re not created equal size-wise. The smallest ones are around seven to eight inches diagonal while the large ones are over ten inches. So, the big question, what size should you get? The short answer: it depends on your needs, bro. The long answer: see below.

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Go for seven to eight inches if: You want something that provides larger visuals than what your smartphone can manage but is still portable enough to slip comfortably inside your man bag and lug around with one hand.

Go for over eight to nine inches if:
Seven inches still too small for your taste. Don’t worry; you can still carry it around, just not as easily as you would a tablet with a smaller size. Also, you’ll need a bigger man bag.

Go for over nine inches if:
You’re someone who constantly gorges on multimedia files (e.g. videos, images) and games. A tablet with a screen size over nine inches makes sense—it’s almost like having a full PC screen on your sweaty palm!

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Don’t expect too much on portability, though. Sure, tablets are made to be mobile, but one with a really large display also means more weight and surface area for your hands to deal with.


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As with smartphones and notebooks, the processor is a tablet’s brain. It handles and processes the device’s software tasks, doing tons of calculations per second for a speedy operation. In other words, it’s damn important.

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There are two main types of processors: single-core and multi-core. The former only has one core for executing the commands you give. Multi-core chips have at least two cores that can share the load. Think of a core as a processing unit within the processor (or a smaller brain within a bigger brain).

tablet buying tipsThis little bugger is found inside numerous mobile devices today

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Theoretically, the more cores a processor has, the faster it is in finishing tasks. This is because a core can only do a limited set of things at any one time. When the demand for more processing power goes up, having additional cores will be important.

Is going multi-core the way to go? Not exactly, bro. Again it all depends on how you’ll use your tablet.

Go for single-core if: You’re going to use your tablet only to view photos, read e-books, and do a little bit of gaming here and there. Bonus: less cores = more affordable!

Go for dual-core if:
You’re a casual user who’ll use the device to surf the web and access apps. A dual-core processor will provide the needed boost the tablet’s brain needs.

Go for quad- or octa-core if:
You’re a hard-core user (i.e. a person who heavily indulges in and/or creates online and multimedia content on their tablet while being connected to the net 24/7). You’ll need even more processing power, which is why a quad- or octa-core chip is a must-have in your case.

Want more info and tips on the whole "core" issue? Click here!

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