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Technology Can Now Identify Which Male Body Type Women Really Prefer

You might be surprised with the results
by Tanya Umali | Dec 3, 2016
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We always have the idea that the perfect body includes six pack abs and killer biceps. We've all been led to believe that having a sculpted body is what girls notice the most, which is why most guys spend their time lifting weights in the gym just to look their best. But does a chiseled physique really get the ladies' attention?

Daily Mail decided to find out by conducting a test with 10 volunteer women. They asked the ladies to wear a pair of eye-glasses, built with a movement tracker, while looking at three men with different body types—muscular, boyish, and slender. 

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The test was meant to measure how long the women looked at a particular guy and who got the most number of glances. 

The results revealed that the women checked out the muscular guy more than the other two. Surprisingly, the women enjoyed looking at the boyish body type more than the muscular body type. 


Results showed that 40 percent of the women glanced more at the boyish bod while 31 percent looked at the slender guy, and only 29 percent for the man with the chiseled frame. 

As for the length of time that the women looked at a particular man, the slimmest guy got the lowest glance time with only 7 seconds, the muscular raked an average of 11 seconds, and the boyish type still earned the highest score with 15 seconds average glance time. 

However, this is not a reason for you to skip exercising just to score more on the ladies. 

If you still don't believe that the girls preferred the boyish body type the most, here's a video that proves it:

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