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Telstra Launches Super-Fast 4G Mobile Gigabit Network

Download 3GB in 2 minutes, anyone?
by Andrei Medina | Jan 31, 2017
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Remember Telstra? Just last year the Australian firm was on the verge of venturing their high speed Internet business in the Philippines.

Unfortunately for us, talks between Telstra and a major local company collapsed and both went their separate ways while we, the public are still living with our snail-paced internet connections.

The Australians meanwhile are having a blast after Telstra has reportedly launched its new 4G gigabit network for commercial purposes there.

According to Alphr, Telstra Officer Mike Wright recently demonstrated the blazing speed of the new network in three live tests.

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The result was a peak speed of 895Mbit/sec download and 97Mbits/sec upload.

In a more realistic setting with multiple users, Telstra recorded download speeds of up to 300Mbits/sec and upload speeds up to 90Mbits/sec.

This is apparently fast enough to finish downloading a 3GB file (or a couple of seasons of your favorite series) in under two minutes with just your mobile network.


In comparison, it takes about an hour to download a 150MB file with a standard home broadband package in the Philippines.

See the big difference? That’s two minutes versus a 20-hour download time if both files were 3GB and assuming bad weather won’t give you an intermittent connection which will restart the download process.

For now, Telstra’s 4G gigabit network is exclusive to Australia but were crossing our fingers that they would reconsider and continue their Philippine venture soon.


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