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Temple Run 2 Out Now!

Downloading in 3...2...1...
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 29, 2013
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Get your fingers ready, 'droid users!

The successor to the uber-popular game Temple Run is now officially ready for download for Android devices everywhere! Called Temple Run 2, it offers the same elements that made the original a big hit, and then some more that might make it even more successful. Take a gander at it below.

Temple Run 2, like its predecessor, offers the same gameplay: You have to run endlessly while sliding under or jumping over obstacles in an effort to outrun them mean apes. Along the way, you'll be able to snag bucketloads of coins, but doing so will become harder as the game progresses because the pace also becomes faster. However, Temple Run 2 has a few additional nifty features to its credit. For example, you could now do a Tarzan and use ropes to escape, jump over booby traps, and even go through a mine shaft.

Heck, the environment is even different! This time around you get to do all that running through a mountain path unlike the first Temple Run's swamp setting.

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So there, Temple Run 2 is basically a more creative and possibly more entertaining take on, uhm,  Temple Run. This bodes well for its future success. Ika nga nila, why fix it if it ain't broke, right? Just improve it, then! Good news for our eternal fight against boredom.

Note: Temple Run 2 is now available via Google Play and iTunes (the game was released earlier for iOS devices).

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