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10 Videogames We'd Like To See As TV Adaptations

'Grand Theft Auto: The Series,' anyone?
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 17, 2017
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Netflix has already produced a number of series that wouldn’t be out of place in videogame land, but the recently announced Castlevania is the first actual adaptation. Many other titles sound like great TV material but would be a nightmare to actually translate into a TV format; like any epic RPG with freedom of choice. So no Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls here. But we’ve still got a lot to choose from: for starters, here are ten titles we think would neatly fit into an episodic format.

1) Grand Theft Auto V

The mission-based structure of GTA’s plot (and sideplots) make it the perfect candidate for chopping it up into 30-minute chunks of action. It’s got variety, too, so it won’t suffer from gloomy crime show sameness. We can see it now: an epic five-episode bank heist arc followed by an episode of Franklin and Chop’s antics.

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2) Overwatch

The Blizzard team has already created a successful proof-of-concept: their Pixar-quality animated shorts. Stretch them out a little more to proper TV show duration, do one for each of the 23 heroes, and you already have your first two seasons!

3) StarCraft

SC is way too large to fit into a movie, but we can easily imagine this space opera following in the footsteps of shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. We can even have episodes flip along different POVs (Terran, Protoss, Zerg) just like the games. Actually with all the backstabbing, it’ll be more like space-Game of Thrones!

4) Half-Life 1/2

A movie about the granddaddy of storytelling shooters would never live up to expectations—we think there is space for a series about Gordon Freeman’s universe though. Since all of Half-Life took place from his POV, the series could focus on the backstory and partially revealed side plots during the events at Black Mesa and City 17.

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5) Pokemon

Yes, yes, it’s already a show but is it a GRITTY REBOOT? 


6) DotA

We don’t know how the world of DotA would react to the introduction of an actual plot, but Pinoys love DotA so it can’t fail. We wholeheartedly recommend doing the adaptation in live-action fantaserye style.

7) Super Smash Bros

When was the last time you watched a good fighting anime (a la Ghost Fighter)? We miss the days of multi-episode battles and what better to adapt then a game all about brawling? Future creators of this show, we are letting you steal our idea, but please add some creative liberty in there and organize the contestants into Team Mario, Team Zelda, Team Urameshi, etc.

8) Guitar Hero

This will have a batshit plot indeed, but—with one key casting decision—we can make this must watch TV: Jack Black as the eponymous lead. Imagine the music battles in Scott Pilgrim without a mopey Michael Cera.

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9) Suikoden

Collecting 108 Stars of Destiny sounds just like the kind of neverending source material that a long-running and successful TV show needs.

10) Dead or Alive

This is pretty self-explanatory!

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