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FHM Presents: The 100 Sexiest Things In Tech This Year (So Far)

Granted the year isn’t over yet; but here we cast an eye on all the titillating things you might’ve missed and other updates in tech and geekery this 2014
by Vince Sales | Aug 11, 2014
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If you've been paying attention to the happenings in the land of all things geeky and shiny, you'll know that a lot has happened this year. And, partida, we're just in August!

So allow us this one time to do something that we normally don't do: come up with a sort of recap for the year even if we're still a good four months away from welcoming two-oh-fifteen.

Here it is, our medyo advanced roundup of all the titillating things you might’ve missed and other updates in tech and geekery this 2014!

1)   Facebook's WhatsApp purchase

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What does Mark Zuckerberg think is sexy? WhatsApp, that’s what. How sexy? Nineteen billion dollars’ worth of dirty, sexy money (and stocks) to help ensure that the next Facebook will be Facebook.

2) Facebook's Oculus Rift purchase

Next on Facebook’s shopping list was Oculus Rift. For $2 billion, it bought the company that is in the lead to make virtual reality—long an unattainable futuristic dream—actually work.

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3)   The new Nokia

Just like Cherie Gil, Nokia was a sexy mother from yesteryear who we wouldn’t mind seeing naked. Squash those dreams now. Nokia is now officially Microsoft Mobile. Cherie Gil is still alive, though, thank God.

4)   Samsung Galaxy S5

The new “it” phone outside of Apple’s iPhone party. It’s better than the S4 in almost every way. Just don’t expect it to reinvent the smartphone.

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5)   Apple iPad Mini with retina display

How do you make the iPad Mini better? Slap a retina display on there, and you’re done. It’s still one of the sexiest tablet choices available.

6)   New MacBooks

Just because no one talked about it doesn’t mean it’s not hot. The MacBook line got a refresh in April, keeping up in the processor arms race. It also had a slight price cut.

7)   iPhone 6

Could the next iPhone be called the iPhone Air? Could it be the bigger (5.5-inch screen) iPhone fans have been clamoring for? No one knows for sure yet, but all signs point to yes!

8)   HTC One M8

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While Samsung and Apple are competing for desirable smartphones, the HTC One M8 could be the “one” for you. With its 5-inch, 1080p screen and 2.5GHz processor, it’s no slouch.

9)   Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

The Galaxy S5 Prime is rumored to have a 2K screen and all-metal construction for release this year. If it follows, expect a prime price tag as well.

10)   Starmobile Octa

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The locally branded, Chinese-made formula seems to be working for Starmobile with the Octa phone threatening pricier brands.

NEXT: Local superphones, PC and gaming bits! 

From FHM's July 2014 issue
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