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The 15 Different Types of PC Users

Which one are you?
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 14, 2013
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FHM Nation, we ask you a question: What type of PC user are you? This might be something out-of-the-blue, but pagpasensyahan niyo na kami. We just want to know where you fall in the whole PC user classification scheme.

Yes, folks, we believe there's such a thing. Much like how there are many kinds of Facebook users, we can also classify PC users according to the rigs they use and the hardware and software they buy or install.

So again, what type of PC user are you? But before you answer that, check out where you fall into in our list of the 15 different types of PC users below!

1. The Stockdifferent types of pc users
These are the ones who buy a PC and doesn't make any changes with it, except for a few minor and important software and hardware ones. In other words, their PC remains pretty much the same throughout the several years of its lifespan.

User trademark: Having stock display and computer peripherals, such as an inaalikabok keyboard.

2. The Paranoid Lloyd

different types of pc users
These users are the most "defensive" in this list, installing all sorts of software and hardware to protect against threats such as viruses and spyware.

User trademark: A slow PC that's bogging down due to the number of "protective" programs running all at the same time. A sighting of a webcam monitoring the device's immediate area is also possible.

3. The Meme Maker

different types of pc users
One who sees his/her PC as a lean, mean, meme-making machine, The Meme Maker is a person who often makes meme-based graphics and is a tambay of sites like Reddit and 9gag.

User trademark: A PC with a meme for its desktop background.

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