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The bad girls of videogame land

<p>What better way to mark the opening weekend of <em>Gamer </em>than with a list?</p>
| Sep 11, 2009
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Make no mistake about it, these game girls won't hesitate to give you the beating of your life, skewer you with a ninja sword, snipe your head off, or if you're really blessed, suck the lifeblood out of you. Luckily, these chicks only live in the digital world.

Or is that unluckily? We mean, check out the sexiest bad girls of videogame land!

Ivy, Soul Calibur series
With a dominatrix inspired get-up, including a sword that is able to break off into segments and act like a very sharp and deadly whip, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine is a beautiful flower whose thorns might just kill you. From the very first game she appeared in, Ivy has had those voluptuous curves and those really big boobs—boobs that have been progressively getting bigger with each passing game. Fortunately, the law of diminishing returns doesn't apply to boob size.

Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid
A word of advice: In case you find yourself engaged in battle with this Iraqi-Kurdish hottie, do yourself a favor and don't let her cleavage-baring attire distract you too much. Just catch a glance because if you stare too long, that might be the last thing you'll ever stare at.

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Cammy, Street Fighter series
In her debut in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, Cammy was revealed to be a brainwashed soldier serving M. Bison and his crime empire, Shadaloo. If our mothers taught us anything, it's that dating women whose body of work includes 'assassination,' 'arms trafficking,' and 'streetfighting' brings nothing but trouble in the future.

Morrigan Aensland, Darkstalkers series
Morrning Aensland is undeniably seductive, and she should be, given that she's the prima-succubus in the world of Capcom's monster mash, Darkstalkers.


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