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FHM Picks: The 32 Most Drool-Worthy Games At E3 2014!

Gaming’s biggest expo, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, has come and gone. What’s left? Our memories of the best trailers of the videogames we’ll be salivating over in the coming months!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 18, 2014
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Gaming's fantasy wonderland, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) once again treated the gaming world to a deluge of new titles that we all will be drooling over in the months to come. Yes, the show's one big tease full of announcements of the most explosive videogames...that won't be available for at least a good three months from now.

For any serious gamer, it's torture. So if you think you are one, well then, look away. Because below are the most drool-worthy titles from E3 2014!

1) Bayonetta 2
(Wii U/October 2014)

Sassy high-heeled, glasses-wearing Bayonetta serves up another round of over-the-top action (and tight leather pants) in this sequel exclusive to Nintendo's Wii U. 

2) Mario Maker
(Wii U/2015)

Like Little Big Planet, but with more Mario in it. The game makes your dream to create your own Super Mario levels a reality!

3) Legend of Zelda
(Wii U/2015)

The first Zelda game for the Wii U combines the cartoony art style of Wind Waker with the more realistic feel of Skyward Sword and a non-linear adventure a la Skyrim.

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4) Xenoblade Chronicles X
(Wii U/2015)

The spiritual successor to the Wii's finest RPG of 2012 comes chock full of mechs, melodramatic moments, and a good dose of philosophy lessonsexactly what gamers expect from Monolith Soft's Xeno series.

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