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These Are The Best Video Games For Ruining Friendships

Toxicity and these titles go hand in hand
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 9, 2018
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Video games are a great bonding activity and all those hours shared in front of a screen among friends can really solidify your brohood because gaming sessions are often full of chatting about life in general, too. However, gaming together can also cause massive amounts of toxicity among friends, even if you're ostensibly playing on the same side in a coop game. We bet that you've raged at your bros at least once while having a go at some of these titles.


In the vast maps of this game, death can strike from anywhere, so it's good to play with a squad that can watch each other's back. But when you get shot in a back to a communications breakdown in the form of panicked shouts of "May kalaban doon!" "Saan?" "Sa kanan!" "Aling kanan, saan!?" you really want to chew your friend out for having a terrible sense of direction.

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Rock Band

This music game was an UBE and a rare video game that could even be shared with non-gamer girls. The problem? Even with two guitars, drums, and vocals there will always be a bit of agawan for your favored instrument—likely the guitar—and resentment quickly sets in when someone insists on indeed getting the all-important guitar only to completely blow their performance.



Oh, you want to play using your favorite team which isn't top tier? Well, good luck against your friend, or soon to be ex-friend, who only plays with the Warriors (or any dominating squad of the moment) and refuses to go along with any sort of fair or balanced matchup at all.


Lazy afternoon CS sessions with your mates at the comshop are valuable memories. Except for that one guy who loves to comsat. And of course the filthy cheat will deny any wrongdoing and it's hard to prove it conclusively but there's no way he should have seen you coming, right? The term may have originated from StarCraft, but it's undoubtedly in the FPS genre that it has inflicted the most damage. Also: friendly fire.

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We can sum up Tekken's friendship-breaking potential in one sentence: "Tangina mo Eddie Gordo, button masher!"


You have to hand it to the Dota boys for creating what is probably the single most toxic gaming experience of all time. It's not even the loads of trash talk from your foes—it's the fact that your own team can be a bigger burden than the opposing players that triggers gamers like nothing else. From team mates na nagmamarunong to flat out di marunongDota matches can easily devolve into blame fests and cussing each other out while the enemies ransack your base. Hell, Dota players even get triggered when you're winning (aka "tangina mo ks ka") and react very adversely to any attempt at advice. Oh, you want to tell me what I'm doing wrong? "Pilot yourself!"

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