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Nadine Lustre: 'I Know All My Flaws, And I've Accepted Them'

The Philippines' Finest celebrates the highs of being always in touch with herself
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 16, 2017
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If you’ve been following this year’s Sexiest Woman on Instagram, you know that Nadine Lustre’s IG feed is #goals. From the beautiful subjects (yep, we’re talking about her) to the breathtaking sceneries that she usually posts, she, no doubt, has a knack not just for posing but taking photographs as well.

And because such talent should not be wasted, Sony Philippines officially renewed the 23-year-old actress's partnership with the said brand July 13. Nadine couldn’t hide her excitement as she continues on as Sony’s Brand Endorser for Digital Imaging and Personal Audio lines.

“It brings me great pride to be part of Sony family again,” Nadine shares. “It excites me to be able to do the things I love—take photographs, listen to music, and dance to my favorite songs—using some of the best and most exciting products in the market right now.”

According to Sony Philippines Managing Director, Nobuyoshi Otake, Nadine is perfect for the brand because “Her dynamic personality and innate love for music and photography strongly resonates our target market here in the Philippines.”

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Nadine’s Instagram feed is a collection of perfectly captured snapshot from trips, everyday OOTDs, and seflies with her loved ones. According to her, all these photos are captured using the Sony ILCE-5100. She then carefully curates her photographs to ensure perfect color combination, accurate framing, and consistent look and feel.

Speaking of photos and her recent FHM Sexiest Woman win, asked the Sony ambassadress what she thinks of being sexy and sexy photos in general. She said: “Sexy, for me, is you when a woman is happy. Once you take or look at a photograph, you can instantly see in her eyes, na masaya siya, which is sexy for me. Also, sexiness is when you are confident and in touch with yourself. Everyone has flaws but when you know how to work your way around, that’s sexy.”

When we asked if she does feel sexy, she said: “I feel sexy not because people think that I am sexy. Again, sexiness is when you’re in touch with yourself. And I can say, I feel sexy because I am in touch with myself. I know all my flaws, and I’ve accepted them. And I’m very confident, I don’t let anybody pull me down.”

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