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The Final Fantasy All-Time Power Rankings: How Does Your Favorite FF Stack Up?

Take this Phoenix Down, and let's revive our love for all things Final Fantasy!
by Chris Martin | Sep 30, 2014
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Final Fantasy fans had a massive nerdgasm when Square Enix revealed the epic trailer for Final Fantasy XV at the Tokyo Games Show two weeks ago. And after seeing all the action, the bromance, the hot babe, and the hype the five-minute clip built, we thought of reviving the immortal question that has ruined friendships and possibly, marriages: Which FF gal has the biggest cup size What’s the best Final Fantasy game of all time?

Today we get to settle that, once and for all.

So, to all our fellow gamers who love babes as much as they love ultra-dramatic RPGs (and RPG babes), put your Chocobo hat on! We’re ranking all the Final Fantasy games from the main series (sorry, folks, no Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core or Final Fantasy X-2!) to check out which reigns supreme.


Year Released: 2002

Claim To Fantasy Fame: The first MMORPG Final Fantasy

Memorable Moment: The disappointment in your face when you realized you won’t meet Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart in your adventures.

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Starting at the bottom of the list is the first FF MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. We didn't put it here because it was bad, fans just expected something as epic as its predecessor, Final Fantasy X. Plus, it didn’t help that the game was excruciatingly laggy (dial-up connection = doom).

Our Fine Female Fantasy:


Year Released: 2009

Claim To Fantasy Fame: The most infamous FF game in history according to the Internet

Memorable Moment: The eargasm you get whenever you hear the violin part of FF XIII’s battle theme.

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What seems to be the most visually-pleasing Final Fantasy to date turned out to be one of the most disappointing. Its linear storyline and one-dimensional characters left the players wondering if the franchise has gone downhill. The sequels didn’t help save it either. The only thing that made the title good was the nakakataas balahibong soundtrack...and Lightning’s hot Bionic-worthy bod.

Our Fine Female Fantasy:


Year Released: 1988

Claim To Fantasy Fame: The first Final Fantasy game to ever have Chocobos(!)

Memorable Moment: The time when players hit their own characters just to level up a stat. (Leveling was weird back then.)

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The expectations were high for Final Fantasy II after Final Fantasy I practically revolutionized the RPG genre. By using the elements that made the first FF game popular, FFII became a hit. And it also introduced us to the franchise’s very first gender-confused flamboyant villain: The Emperor.

Our Fine Female Fantasy:


Year Released: 1987

Claim To Fantasy Fame: The first Final Fantasy game ever #NuffSaid

Memorable Moment: In the NES version, once an opponent dies, you can still target and attack the place where it used to be.

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Final Fantasy I was the title that started it all. It was the FF that saved Square Co. (now Square Enix) from closing. While the original game had several bugs and glitches, those weren’t enough to make gamers fall in love with its grandness and polished gameplay.

Our Fine Female Fantasy:

NEXT: No more 8-bit girls, we promise! 

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