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The Geekiest Proposals Ever!

Tech plays Cupid!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 14, 2013
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Trash the stereotype that geeks are zombies that play RPGs 24/7 and whose version of a dinner date is to watch Star Wars marathons while eating take-out food at home. When it comes to love and romance, they've got a lot of creativity going on, too, the type you'd expect from cheesy koreanovelas or flicks like The Notebook or One More Chance. Look no further for proof than the videos and stories below that show geeks are capable of downright makalaglag-panty efforts that would make any woman blush at the very least.

1. Star Wars Flash Mob Proposal

Why it's geeky:
You've got a Star Wars-themed party, complete with glow sticks (or rings?) that we guess are the cheap substitutes to light sabers.

Why it's romantic: The guy obviously went all out on this one, hiring a bunch of dancers and dressing up in a Jedi costume, not minding the public's eye on him.

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2. Meme Proposal

Why it's geeky: It's filled with memes which, to some web subcultures, are the online shorthand for Internet comedy.
Why it's romantic: The guy exerted a ton of effort in making those posters and using and relating the right memes to what he intends to do. That alone deserves a high-five from the geek community.

3. Foozle Proposal

Why it's geeky: This one comes as an edited iOS game called Foozle!
Why it's romantic: The guy, named Joe, decided to ask Foozle's developer William Thurston a favor by placing an in-app proposal in the game, complete with mushy graphics. His girl's smile at the end tells us it worked, even if it lacked the extravagance many look for. Simplicity FTW!

4. Super Mario-Themed Proposal

Why it's geeky: You've got a room that was made to look like a stage in Super Mario, complete with a golden, question-marked box, something that's found throughout the game.
Why it's romantic: That box contains the engagement ring! Nice touch there, man! Plus, he put a lot of effort into decorating the room!

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