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The 8 Biggest Lies We See On The Internet

...and the truth behind them
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 17, 2013
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This not-so-little thing called the Internet offers an almost limitless array of tools that entertain, educate, and even connect us to each other.

It's also full of BS.

Yes, fellas, the Internet is full of lies. And the biggest ones are coated in attractive words that entice you to click. What's worse is, aside from effing up your day, some of these nasties can also—gasp!—rob you of your hard-earned dough and/or humiliate you online. Think frustrating pop-ups, scams, viruses, and other forms of malware.

Here we list our most hated crap online. Be careful not to "step" on them! Check them out below and see why "think before you click" can really save your ass.

1. The one where someone has a crush on you

biggest lies in the internet 1Prepare for spam, and not the tasty kind

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The lie: The message "someone has a secret crush on you" (normally found shaking on top of your display) is often seen within social-networking sites and pop-up ads.

The (probable) truth: The Internet knows if someone has the hots for you? That's super futuristic stuff right there! Seriously though, clicking on the message will most probably just open more windows or pop-ups enticing you to sign up for something or answer a survey to get precious deets about you and fill your email with spam. And the person who supposedly sent you the message? He/she doesn't exist bud, sorry. We aren't saying you're ugly as heck, just don't trust the web, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

2. The one where you won a shitload of moolah

biggest lies in the internetDon't make a fool out of yourself by clicking...and dancing like this

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The lie: "Congrats! You won $1,000,000!" Messages like this are found in a lot of areas in the web, either as a pop-up or part of a site.

The (probable) truth: You didn't win anything. But then again, you have to think there's something fishy if you didn't sign up for any online contest or promo in the first place. Clicking on it will likely lead you to another page or several pages different from what you're browsing before. Also, the message might just be part of a scam where they get your deets or even an advanced fee from you to claim the non-existent prize.

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