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Oct 14, 2013
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Gaming has evolved by leaps and bounds since the olden days of Pac Man and Kong. From mere pixelated visuals to the parang tunay graphics we now enjoy, the field has innovated, much to the delight of gamers...and the dismay of parents who want more Zs for their kids.

But it's not only about the graphics; gaming has made a lot of developments in the hardware side, too. We're not talking about specs here. We're looking at the innovations that make usquite literallypart of the action. We're talking about the gadgets that use our bodies as giant joysticks!

Remember Microsoft's Kinect and its rival from Sony, the PS Eye? But we want something more unusual that, at the same time, can still be tagged as next-gen. With this idea hanging inside our coconuts, we decided to come up with a list of gaming devices that go way beyond gesture/motion control. Check 'em out below!

1. Leap Motion


We  love the PC mouse, but this one's just waaay cooler. Acting like a sort of Kinect for your PC, the Leap Motion lets you control what's on-screen using hand gestures and finger flicks. It uses a three-inch rectangular device that senses your movements and feeds the info to your PC via USB. Based on the video, it's a highly-responsive and accurate system. We like the part where it was used in Fruit Ninja and a first-person shooter. But we reckon it will also be useful in more "serious" applications, like designing and building stuff. Our only beef with it? A possible case of pangangawit!

2. The Piss Controller


"Whip it out and game on!" could very well be the tagline for the Piss Controller, a device that uses urine to control a game. Say what? We ain't kidding you, bro! With a sensor pad that reminds us of the dance pads of the late '90s, it senses the pressure coming from your pee and translates it to visual commands. Installed in a urinal, the Piss controller's good for giving dudes (sorry, ladies) a bit of entertainment to an otherwise boring wiwi session. We just feel sorry for the one who's gonna clean up the mess later.

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