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WATCH: The Life, Death, And Rebirth Of An iPhone Through Its Own POV

A silent witness through our joys, struggles, and the most awkward and embarrassing of situations
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 15, 2015

Most of you have probably already gone through more than one smartphone by now. You've experienced the joy of getting a brand new one, using it for the first time, sharing memories with it, and the agony of finally having to bid goodbye when it conks out in the end.

The thing is, when we recall the times we had with our phones, we (naturally) tell the tale using our own perspective as owners/users. Now here's an interesting idea: How about showing and telling the life of a phone through the eyes of the one thing that understands it better than us, namely, itself?

"What have you been smoking, FHM? You do know it's an inanimate object with no eyes, right? Lay off the weed, bruh," might be what some of you are saying right about now. There, there. We understand but, the thing is, obtaining your phone's POV in telling its life is not impossible.

This is what New York City-based filmmaker Paulo Trillo proved when he created a thought-provoking video called The Life & Death of an iPhone, a seven-minute short that shows exactly what its title says. It gives an interesting look at the experiences your smartphone goes through, and the emotions we display in each one, like when...

We first opened the box it called home.

life of an iphone

We showed it off to our friends.

life of an iphone

We did embarassing stuff, just because we thought nobody else can see us.

life of an iphone

We made new friends...

life of an iphone

...or almost had our asses handed to us.

life of an iphone

We almost got victimized by snatchers.

life of an iphone

We displayed our dad bod need f0r self-glorification.

life of an iphone

These GIFs are but a very small part of the short video, and we bet you'll have an interesting time watching the whole thing so, here it is:

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