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7 Life Lessons From Playing DoTA

Your parents and GF warned you about it, but <em>DoTA</em> actually has its good points, if you really think about it...
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 20, 2014
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It’s been said a gazillion times: Defense of the Ancients or DoTA is bad news—bad for your grades, bad for your baon, bad for your hygiene, even bad for your girlfriend. We might as well rank it up there together with weed in your nanay’s “What should totoy avoid” list.

But really, is it all that bad? Or is this reputation unfair? We don’t really know how to answer that. But the thing is, if you really think about it, there are a few life lessons we could all learn from playing the game. Yes, for real.

Read on to see what these lessons are! Just a caveat: Don’t ever, under any circumstances, use any of these as a reply to your parents when they ask you to lay off the game, baka masabon ka ng wala sa oras.

And remember, as with drinking, play moderately!

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In DoTA: You might be the most talented DoTA player that has ever set foot on your compushop, but you’ll still lose whenever you play as if you’re the only member of your side. It’s a team game, with up to five players per team scrambling to lay waste to the other’s base. This means teamwork is a must, and no matter how badass your character is, it will always fall when you’re a one-man wrecking crew. See: the recent NBA Finals and the sad look on LeBron’s face.

In real life: So the loner you collected awards and accolades in school like how MJ stashed rings. Good for you, bro! On paper, you’ll be having a nice future, but if you’ll always work alone, you might just find it hard to fulfill your goals. All of us need help at some point. Besides, it’s always more fun to share that victory toast with good friends than to chug that expensive bottle of brandy solo!


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dota lessons
In DoTA: Players know that the faster you get gold, items, and skills, the better your chances of winning. This is why hardcore players waste no time upgrading their inventory and characters...and why your bros feel irritated whenever you ask for a bathroom break.

In real life: Einstein once said that life is a big game of timing. Okay, we just made that up. Still, starting out early can help you stay ahead, because if you do, you’ll have more time to rectify your mistakes and learn new things that you can benefit from. One easy and simple way to get started: Gumising ng maaga.

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In DoTA: In the game, opportunity can present itself as a single creep (minions that constantly march out of each team’s base) you can easily kill, or a clueless enemy hero that aimlessly wandered into your territory, ready to be "gang-banged" and killed. When these situations arrive, dive in; it can be the difference between doing and taking the trash-talking at the end of the game. Let the sneaky Willie Miller show you:

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