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The MacBook Pro Gets A Kick Ass Makeover

Apple aficionados, rejoice!
by Tanya Umali | Oct 3, 2016
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If you're not content with all the new gadgets that Apple announced recently, don't worry because they just might release more products to appease the techie-lover in you.

Now, the company is rumored to roll-out a new version of their MacBook Pro sometime this month that has a touch-sensitive screen sitting directly above the keyboard. 

Basically, it will look something like this:

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Yes, the OLED display is located where the function keys used to be. 

Other than the new touchscreen options included on the keyboard, here are other features on the new MacBook Pro that you might enjoy:

1. There will be two sizes

One will be a 13-inch laptop and a bigger and more expensive 15-inch version. It will be thinner than the current MacBook Pros out in the market.

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2. It will use USB-C

The new MacBook Pro will use this as an all-around port. This means that you'll have to use it for charging and connecting external devices to your laptop. The USB-C will allow for faster data transfer, but you might need an adaptor in order to use it.  

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3. TouchID will be used to unlock it

Like the iPhone, the MacBook Pro 2016 version will have a fingerprint sensor installed on the power button. This security feature is said to be safer than adding a password to unlock your device.

4. It will run on the new Mac OS Sierra

The Mac OS Sierra boasts a "picture in picture" mode, which allows the user to screen videos in a pop-up window. You can also synchronize items on your desktop with your iPhone, so you can view them on your mobile device. Like operating systems before it, you can store old files in your iCloud to save space on your desktop. 

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5. It will use better graphics chips

Apple is rumored to use AMD Polaris graphics chips due to its thinner design and extra power for editing photos and videos. 

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