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Jul 30, 2013
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Gadget inventors and engineers, saludo kami sa inyo mga ser!

With your hardwork and geek minds, you've made life more entertaining, more hi-tech, and, ultimately a helluva lot easier.

Call us hard to please but, kind sirs, can we make one more request? You see, there are still a few awesome gadgets that are, well, fictional. Long story short, we want them, through your bag of techie tricks, to be real. Because as cool as it is to see them in the movies or on TV, nothing beats seeing, fondling, and using these tech toys in real life.

Check out the devices of our wishful thinking below.

1. The Manslater


As seen in:
This YouTube video

Awesome points for: Being able to tell you what girls are actually thinking, in Cookie Monster's voice. Because, 99 percent of the time, when they say one thing, they mean another. Okay, that's a bit OA, but you get the drift.

Best used when: You get cold one-liners such as "Sige lang" or "I'm okay" and you don't know what the heck is wrong.

2. The Neuralyzer


As seen in: Men in Black

Awesome points for: Letting you instantly swipe a few minutes from a person or a group's memory so you can practically get away with anything even if you were spotted. Plus, it helps that it's just the size of a small batuta.

Best used when: You did something really stupid, like what these supposed pranksters did. Flash it and they'll forget about it.

NEXT: A time-jumpin' contraption!