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The Microsoft Xbox One: A 360-Degree Lowdown

Over eight years in the making....
by Neps Firmalan | May 22, 2013
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Heads up, gamers!

Microsoft just made a huge pasabog in the gaming scene by unveiling its latest and greatest console, and the proper replacement to the ancient Xbox 360. Called simply the Xbox One, it aims to become not only a powerful new gaming device but also an all-in-one entertainment hub.

A bit over eight years, that's how long we waited for it--so you have to forgive us if we're beaming with   sheer excitement. Anyway, to have a better idea of just what this bad boy can deliver, we take a closer look at its hardware, as well as its gaming and entertainment capabilities to see if it is indeed the real deal.

The (Good) Looks

xbox one facade
For those expecting to see a device riding the "thin is in" theme of today's smartphones, you'll be in for a shocker. The Xbox One is one large device, even larger than the old Xbox 360. It's also quite blocky, and by that we mean it's basically one huge rectangular slab, like those old school VHS players of the '90s.

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But despite its plus-size proportions, the Xbox One still manages to look sleek and advanced, thanks to its glossy "liquid black" facade. And all that space is there for good reason: to keep things cool amidst heated gaming via air vents and to provide enough room for the its upgraded hardware, which we tackle next...

The Hardware

The new Xbox One sports upgraded innards needed to deliver the best gaming to users in terms of visuals and overall experience. We're talking about an AMD-based system on a chip (SoC or combined CPU and graphics chip) with 8 freakin' cores, 8GB of RAM, and a built-in 500GB hard drive. You'll also get full Wi-Fi capability for playing online, a Blu-ray drive, an HDMI port for eye-popping HD gaming, and USB 3.0 ports for faster file-sharing and storage expansion if ever 500GBs isn't enough for your needs.

All these make for a console that's uber-fast and can deliver eye-candy we'd only expect from a next-gen gaming device. Some reports are even saying that the Xbox One is up to eight times faster than the Xbox 360. Sweet!

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xbox one controller

The new controller also underwent significant improvements, although you'll notice it still has that unmistakable Xbox 360 look going on. Aside from providing better grip, it now has an "impulse triggers" feature, which lets you feel the feedback/vibration right on the keys themselves for more realistic gaming.

NEXT: The Xbox One can recognize your voice!

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