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The New 'Call Of Duty' Is Out to Beat 'PUBG' And 'Fortnite'

And 'Black Ops' 4 has no singleplayer–will you miss it?
by Ash Mahinay | May 18, 2018
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Treyarch held a livestream event this morning detailing the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise: Black Ops 4 or–somewhat controversially–IIII.

We got a reminder that the latest entry only has three multiplayer game modes: normal multi, Zombies, and new mode "Blackout." While playing online has always been the focus of majority of COD fans, there are still those few who buy the game for the singleplayer campaign and bombastic plot. Well, sorry, but it's time to get good online then folks.

Out of the three, the biggest news was the confirmation that BO4 will indeed have a "Battle Royale" mode, the aforementioned Blackout, featuring all the character, locations, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles from the past three Black Ops titles mashed into one giant map.

We've linked this to start at the important bit for you brodies

They didn't show any actual gameplay aside from standard multiplayer fare, but promised the COD-brand of smooth and free-flowing gameplay meshed with the thrill of the battle royale setting. This may actually give Black Ops 4 a legit chance at unseating the two current kings of battle royale: Fortnite and PUBG.


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PUBG has a gritty, realistic take on the genre but some of the worst actual shooting (and even moving) mechanics from a modern shooter. People don't love it because of how the guns feel that's for sure. Meanwhile, Fortnite's cartoony aesthetic and arcadey gameplay is well-made but puts off gamers who want a more "serious" game–and can't stomach the janky gameplay of PUBG anyway. COD may be criticized for being the same-ish every year, but you can't deny that it has some of the fastest and most satisfying gunplay available. The influence goes both ways though, as Black Ops does away with the staple regenerating health in favor of med packs that take a few painfully slow seconds to apply–something PUBG and Fortnite fans would be intimately familiar with.

So, do you think Black Ops 4 will become the next big free-for-all shooter? Or should they have refrained from being nakikiuso in the battle royale genre?

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