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Brace yourselves: the new iPad is coming!

Slow it down a bit, Apple!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 8, 2012
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Sometimes we wish the tech world didn’t move like rabid bears were after its electronic ass. Because just as we’re beginning to scratch the surface on our iPad 2, its successor is all set to bust the door wide open to make its grand entrance. Finger on the trigger, Apple fans.

Said unveiling is set to happen at the Apple Media Event on March 7 in San Francisco, with call-outs having been sent out last February 28 to tech journalists. Apple tried to go cryptic (a bit half-heartedly so) with their invites, sending an image of a portion of what’s clearly a tablet device along with a message that read: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” We doubt it’s an FHM model they’re talking about.

Some are saying that Apple might be pulling an iPhone 4s on us, that instead of releasing a true iPad follow-up, merely give us “iPad 2s.” Even then, our finger tips are excited, if only to find out just what we’ll be getting exactly.

Actually, scratch that because now we know. Just hours ago, we've actually found out that yes, they're not giving us the iPad 3, nor the iPad 2s. We're getting the iPad HD.

Now that's settled, here are some of the juiciest rumors about the newest Apple soon to drop from the tree and onto our laps.

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