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An Awesome 'No Man's Sky' Update Makes The Game More Bearable

Time to hole up in your man-cave!
by Tanya Umali | Nov 30, 2016
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If you're one of the players who felt lost when No Man's Sky was released last August, you might want to get a hold of your videogame controllers and start playing again, thanks to the all new Foundation Update. It's the first important update that the game developers released after months of not saying anything about the new developments. 

In the Foundation Update, players will be able to add a full base-building system as well as create a permanent navigation waypoint on the surfaces of planets they are roaming. Basically, there's now more to do in each level and base as you progress into the game. 

There are also three game modes. The first one is the usual standard mode, an all new survival mode where you can expect to die again and again, and a creation mode where you're free to play as you please without having to worry about restarting the level. 

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If you're still not playing the game or are just planning to do so, here are some things you need to know: 

Creative mode

Creative mode allows you to buy and upgrade any item you want within the game. You're also practically immortal in this mode so you'll be able to upgrade your ship easily. 

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Survival mode

If creative mode is the easy part, wait until you play on survival mode. Though it's pretty challenging, it will train you to rely more on your toolkit and save points plus signal boosters by using craftable tech included in the game. 

Base building system

Building a suitable base trough the base crafting tool is pretty simple and easy to use. Just select the additions you'd want to include by choosing from the quickbar, put it in place, and press the A key. The same goes for deleting additions. 

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NPCs you can hire

You can hire NPCs a.k.a. aliens to look for resources when you play in normal mode. Once you have enough resources, you can hire more NPCs for the development of weapons and resource scavenging. You can even assign them to farm plants and build your terminals to save the game. 


Tweaks to UI and procedural generation

One addition that makes it easier to play No Man's Sky is the quickbar. Unlike before where you had to retreat to the inventory menu just to charge up gear pieces, the quickbar now lets you stay within your base to do the same thing. 

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Teleporters for quick travel

If it's taking too much time for you to a set up a base from one place to another, the teleporter can help you cut that time in half by letting you jump out of your system's space station and transfer to a different one. Every base is equipped with a teleporter so you'll have more flexibility in trading and recruiting workers to help with the expansion of your base. 

Leaving messages for other players

Another upgrade that is featured in No Man's Sky is the communication station where you'll be able to leave messages for other players to see. It makes the game more interactive and more interesting since you'll get to speak with different players. 

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