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The New Nokia Banana Phone Is Coming To The Philippines

Abenson is taking names for a wait list
by Esquire Philippines | Mar 13, 2018
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Kids these days won’t remember a time before Apple and Samsung and all the ascendant Chinese brands were the only mobile phone makers that mattered. But if you were alive to twiddle your thumbs before smartphones started rolling in, you’ll recall when Nokia was the biggest name in handsets, and when phones like the 3210 and the 8810 were the most covetable electronics around. The Finnish manufacturer has since faded into relative obscurity, but is back with a vengeance and five new phones for 2018, to see if it can’t get back to some of its former glory.

Announced at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia’s next wave of handsets has a little something for everyone.

First, there are three mainstream Android phones: The Nokia 8 Sirocco, the Nokia 6, and the Nokia 7 Plus. All are Android One phones, which means they run on the latest Android; totally unmodified stock from Google. Plus they’re outfitted with the works to compete with modern smartphones: nice cameras, hefty processors, lots of RAM, all that stuff.



Then there’s the Nokia 1, a bare-bones phone that’s aimed at developing markets. It runs on Android Go, an operating system that’s designed to reach Google’s “next billion users,” or people who will be going online for the first time.

Lastly, there’s the Nokia 8110 4G—a true throwback to Nokia’s 8-series from the ‘90s, but with 4G capabilities. It’s a modern-day reincarnation of Neo’s banana phone from 1999’s The Matrix, complete with the slider. Like the Nokia 1, this is a bare-necessities phone. And yes, it comes preloaded with Snake.


Thankfully, it seems the Philippines will be getting in on some of the throwback action too. Appliance and electronics retailer Abenson has announced that they will be selling the Nokia 8110 4G and new Nokia smartphones online at, “when stock becomes available.” They put up an email registry for updates on Nokia’s five phones, to which we quickly signed up.

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No further details have been announced, but if you’re anything like us and are sorely in need of a smartphone detox, stay posted. The new 8110 might be the phone to wean you off your screen addiction.

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