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The original 'Google Phone' wasn't very pretty

For 2012 standards, at least
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 26, 2012
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We'd really like to bore you with all the legal jargon pertaining to the Oracle-Google trial, but we'd rather you take a glimpse at the original plans for the first Google Phone that the search giant had in mind. Apparently this was offered to U.S. carriers two years before Android was released and from the looks of it, the description the Mountain View company gave as "basic phone user interface" was spot-on.

The first Android phone, the HTC Dream, was released in October 2008, but the phone above was being shopped around as early as 2006. The Verge reports that while specs weren't really talked about on the the first Google Phone, they did mean for it to have an ARMv9 provessor of at least 200MHz (hey, this was 2006), GSM but 3G was preferred, 64MB of RAM and ROM, and a 2-MP camera. Ports included storage for the miniSD and USB. The display was set to have 16-bit color on QVGA. 

Sure, these are laughable specs, but you'll have to remember that technology has come a long way since then. In the same year that this was conceptualized, Android was working on functional apps like the dialer, messaging, and contacts and expected this phone to be out by 2007. Of course now we know that this didn't materialize and that the Big G opted to partner up with HTC instead for the G1's (first Android phone) 2008 release.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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