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The Raymart Santiago vs. Mon Tulfo brawl according to the Twitterverse

Tweets ranging from serious to downright hilarious
by Neps Firmalan | May 9, 2012
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The whole Raymart Santiago vs. Mon Tulfo brawl has been the talk of the town for a few days now, and for good reason. It involves three key elements that can make an issue very, very popular. First, you have several celebrities involved (the Tulfo bros, the Santiago couple). Second, there's a brawl, which is already an attention-drawer even if it only involves normal folk. Third, it was caught on cam (part of it at least) and, given that we're now in the age of social-networking, this last bit certainly helped spread the word faster than it would've taken in, say, the 90s.

As expected, the issue has Twitter talking, with many users sharing their two cents' worth and comments about it. We became interested in what those riding on the little blue birdie's back have to say and said so, we gathered a few select tweets about the encounter and what will happen after. Check 'em out in the gallery below.

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