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The Robots Are Here! help save your butt!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 19, 2012
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Yes, that's right. But don't go running around screaming "tulong, tulong!" like little girls. We're not talking about the metallic heaps of terror found in sci-fi movies like The Terminator and Blade Runner. On the contrary, the 'bots we have here are of the helpful, peace-loving type.

Fellow humans, meet tech's latest robotic creations, aimed at helping out at different industries. No, they don't have lasers shooting out of their eyes and other absurd weapons, what they have is the potential and (pre-programmed) willingness to be very useful. That makes them bad-ass in our books. Who knows? Maybe you'll need the help of one in the future.

Sand Flea

This little bugger is called Sand Flea and, just like pesky, regular fleas, it can jump! How high, you ask? Up to 30 feet! Impressive considering it's just the size of a regular RC car. With its jumping capabilities, Sand Flea can help out in surveillance situations involving buildings, as what the video above suggests.

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Now this rugged 'bot can get down and dirty, literally. RHex is designed to handle rough terrain, even the ones we would have a hard time walking on. It can even operate upside down! And since it's small, it can go through places we can't. RHex comes with a video camera that lets the controller see what it sees. Just like Sand Flea, it could also be useful for surveillance missions, or even search and rescue situations.

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