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The Saboteur

<p>Blowing up Paris</p>
| Dec 9, 2009
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A quick peek through the halls of gaming history should reveal that we certainly don’t have a lack of games set in the fiery, explosive stage that is World War II. But hey, don’t tell that to Pandemic Studios. [firstpara] Recently, they released The Saboteur, a game about a certain Sean Devlin who’s on a quest to avenge the death of his best friend in the hands of Nazis.

In the same vein as Grand Theft Auto IV, The Saboteur lets you explore the city and take part in its vices, and proceedings at your own pace.

Taking the place of GTA IV’s Liberty City is Paris in the 1940s beset by war at all its Frenchy sides. Paris have always looked gorgeous (as we’ve seen in movies and books), and this game gives justice to it.

Its excellent art design sticks out beautifully and should effectively lure you in. From the cool, vintage cars to the sexy burlesque dance sequences, the game successfully evokes nostalgia—even though obviously not many of us have actually been to Paris, nor do we know a lot about its history, Bonaparte’s rumored shortness aside.

As The Saboteur, the ultimate goal is to, well, sabotage, the operations of the German invaders, which you accomplish by doing two things: by infiltrating enemy bases and mowing down tons of enemy soldiers, and by blowing up important Nazi equipment.

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The action is fast and frenetic. It is unrealistic though in the sense that you can absorb an awful lot of bullets and still not die, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable.

In fact, the game proves that even after a ton of Nazi-themed games, killing the Nazi baddies just never get old. Admittedly, the driving and stealth sequences could use a lot of work, but all in all, this is a fun game to play. It might not be worth a purchase for everyone, but for those who itch for some open-world action, The Saboteur should tide you over until the next GTA game.


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