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WHOA! News: The Selfie Stick Is Much Older Than We Think!

Pop quiz, hotshots: When was the monopod created? Five years ago? Ten? Prepare to go WTF!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 8, 2015
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So this photo has been making the rounds in the Internet and blowing minds along the way:

ancient selfie stickImage via @_tessr

Yep, that is a sad-looking lady selfie stick right there!

Here's the thing, the photo was reportedly from a Japanese book that was published inget this1995! That's two decades agowaaay before our current concept of virtual self-glorification was born.

Here are a couple more snaps from said book:

ancient selfie stickImage via @_tessr

ancient selfie stickImage via @_tessr

Another interesting tidbit: the book talks about useless Japanese inventions! We bet selfie addicts have something to say about that.

Thanks to Twitter user Tess Rinearson, who tweeted the photos, we now know that the selfie stick or monopod is actually much older than we thought. If you look closer though, you'll see that this ancestral selfie stick is not made for handsets but for point-and-shoot cameras of the '90s. Makes sensecamphones didn't exist at the time, unless of course, we're proven wrong once again.

But here's where things go from weird to WTF. It turns out what you just saw might not be the first selfie stick. Last month, released a photo of what could be the first documented use of the device, and it's from 19-freakin'-25! WHOA!

ancient selfie stickImage via

What's next? Historians finding Leonardo Da Vinci's sketch of his monopod design? Thomas Edison's first selfie stick prototype? With the way things are going, it might just be possible.

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