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Jan 10, 2017
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If you're a hardcore gamer, then you've probably come across a steamy scene or two during your gaminc career. When hot, fictional, and animated characters are involved in an erotic videogame scene, it's just as titillating as watching a sultry movie or sensual TV show. 

Below, FHM has listed five of our favorite smokin' moments in videogames. Keep your hands off of your joysticks, gentlemen.

The Witcher 3

Who wouldn't want to be with an attractive woman, floating on a boat under the full moon? All the action starts at the three-minute mark. So if you're not into foreplay and want to skip to the good stuff, no one's stopping you:

Dragon Age: Origins

Admit it, Leliana is pretty sexy. Plus, Grey Warden knocks boots with her beside a nice bonfire. Outdoor lovin' = mighty wild!

Fear Effect II

The elevator action happening here (with two girls, mind you) is quite the sticky situation. Party of three, going up!

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Despite the sex scenes here only being suggestive, you can always use your imagination (and the sound of all the moaning girls) to tickle your senses. 

Indigo Prophecy

When a girl like Tiffany invites herself to your place, what should you do?