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2017 Is Shaping Up To Be The Year Of The Smartphone

Set aside your bonus for your tech fix
by Tanya Umali | Nov 15, 2016
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With 2017 just right around the corner, we bet you’re all hyped up and just couldn’t wait for this year to end. This, even though there’s still roughly a month before December steps in and Christmas is fully felt.

Of course, December is synonymous with the famous 13th month pay, which employees use to reward themselves after a well-rounded year of hardwork. And what’s the most common thing they treat themselves with? Gadgets, of course.

This year, a lot of gadgets rolled out in the market. As 2016 ends and a new one fast approaches, the demand for newer and better gadgets is on the rise. If you haven’t bought any this year, worry not because next year's selection looks pretty dope:

1) Samsung Galaxy S8

Sure, Samsung took a hit in the popularity department towards the end of 2016 due to the whole exploding phone fiasco, but the tech giant is poised for redemption with the release of the Galaxy S8. What’s exciting is the possibility of this new phone being able to support the dual-boot system, which will allow users to switch from Windows to Android. Exciting, isn’t it?

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2) LG G6

LG is one of the decent brands out there that never fails when it comes to smartphones. Though not as popular as its counterparts, it has been making efforts in improving their specs to meet consumer demands. The G6 would likely have a dual-camera display, just like its predecessor (LG G5), and come with a 4K display and a larger 6GB RAM for better performance.

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3) OnePlus 4

The Chinese phone company is also levelling up with their smartphone line. If rumors are indeed true, then the OnePlus 4 might be equipped with a higher RAM of 8GB, as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor.

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4) HTC 11

Just like its previous releases, which usually happens during the first half of the year, HTC might launch the HTC 11 next May or April. It’s boast-worthy features may include a 5.2 to 5.5-inch dual-edge display screen, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB internal memory.

5) iPhone 8

The much-awaited phones from Apple pack a mean punch with innovations that have never been seen before in any smartphones. This year, it introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sporting dual cameras and lack of headphone jacks, paving the way for more wireless earphone technology. Whatever updates the tech giant announces for the iPhone 8, some features of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be present. Yes, that means there would still be no headphone jack.

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