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The Sony NEX-F3 Mirrorless Camera is Your Lover

With the shooting chops, minus the mood swings
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 31, 2012
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The hunt for an ideal camera can be likened to the search for your type of girl. You might be fond of the small, slender ones; or maybe the tatooed, mysterious types you find rocking out at concerts; or it can be the pretty face that every man has set their eyes on, ala Marian Rivera. But if you want a real challenge, you might go for that girl who has that angas factor.

The Sony’s NEX-F3 mirrorless camera is like that particular girl that gives you that you can't handle me vibe at first glance. Feast your eyes on this baby that boasts a 16-megapixel count and an APS-C Sensor for better photos. This shooter’s controls might leave you baffled if you don’t make an effort to familiarize yourself with it. But once you've nailed it, it's something you’ll want to play with for a long time.

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First impressions don't always last

This is a camera that's quite intimidating. The NEX-F3 sports a large lens set reminiscent of those you find with DSLRs. Couple that with a smooth and sleek surface and you've got one stylish shooter. But what makes it different from its competitors is the 180-degree tiltable LCD screen. Talk about flexibility. With this screen, you’ll never miss out on those group shots anymore. Feeling the need to take one of those low angle shots to feel artsy? With the NEX-F3's 180-degree display there's no need to feel silly stooping down on the floor to get them. And we’re definitely down with that.

Feels so right to hold

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The words of a Beatles song echo in your head: "It feels so right now, hold me tight. Tell me I’m the only one." You'll feel the same way once you get hold of the Sony NEX-F3 for the first time. Like the curves of a woman, it is ergonomically built to suit the tight grip of any man. Forget the initial intimidation; if you hold it right, it will find a home in your palms.

Show it off

Your right kind of lover is someone you won't be embarrassed to show off to your friends. Aside from having good looks, the Sony NEX-F3 does not disappoint in terms of features. With shooting modes that can turn the average dude to a (somewhat) first-class photog, this cam will suit your need for exemplary photos worthy of not just posting online, but also printing. Best of all, you won't be looking (and feeling) primitive as you try to figure out how to work the controls.

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New to the Sony NEX line is its Superior Auto mode, which lets the camera have full control on difficult photographic situations (i.e. you're shooting a moving object). It’s almost like having an AI system to do the job for you. Just click away and you’ll be fine.

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