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Dafuq, Internet: The 9 Strangest Things Ever Sold Online!

Ah, the Internet. A treasure trove of the wonderful...and the truly weird!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 21, 2014
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As you all know, aside from being the online repository of porn our culture, the Internet is also one gigantic virtual superstore where you can buy anything!

Yes, anything! Even the things you wouldn't be caught dead buying in the supermarket in a million years.

All you need to do is look a bit harder, surf a bit longer, and be more, uhm, adventurous when it comes to searching online (but be careful, for your rig might become infected with these baddies). And when you manage to do so, you'll find out that there are folks who sell unusual, downright creepy stuff online. And, golly gosh, some of these items got sold!

We list down the most "WTF!"-inducing online products below! 


strangest things sold online

 Item: Leftover toast sold for $1,025 (around P46,300)

"Leftover French Toast for over 40 Gs? You gotta be kidding me!" is what 99-percent of us would normally say. But, bros, this isn't a normal piece of bread. We're talking about the French Toast pop superstar Justin Timberlake nibbled on during a morning radio interview at New York's Z100 radio station back in March 2000. While that still won't appeal to most of us, for the former N'Sync crooner's die-hard fans, it's certainly gold. Enter one Kathy Summers, who bought it for over a thousand dollars after seeing the post online on eBay. JT must be creeped out proud.

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Status: Sold. ''I'll probably freeze-dry it, then seal it...then put it on my dresser," says Summers on what she'll do with the French Toast. We say that seems fine, as long as she doesn't plan to eat it ever.


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Item: A printed photo of the Xbox One for £450 (around P33,400)

Guys, be careful when buying stuff online to avoid suffering what happened to Peter Clatworthy. Peter here bought an Xbox One online last month, only to find out that what he paid for was actually a printed image of the console. To whoever posted it, the trolling community adores you. To Mr. Clatworthy: Please read before you buy anything. Apparently, the ad title was "Xbox One Fifa Day One Edition, Photo Brand New UK 2012."

Status: Good thing the online shop agreed to refund Peter Clatworthy with the full purchase amount. No one knows though whatever happened to the piece of paper, if it was torn to pieces (a likely outcome) or had been framed to remind people of their stupidity (we support this one).

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