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Tech Torture: 9 Outrageous Things Done to Gadgets

Some people have too much time on their hands...
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 19, 2013
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What's the most outrageous thing you've done with your tech toys? Take a bath with them after downing a hundred shots of lambanog? Drop them accidentally or on purpose? Decorate them with corny stickers that remind us of those '90s crappy notebooks?

Go on and check out these videos of dudes doing stunts (that border on stupid and brilliant) to their gadgets and prepare to say "WTF!?" For techies out there and for us who don't like to see their hard-earned dugo't pawis going down in flames, prepare to cringe.


1. Grilling smartphones

Victims: An iPhone 4, an HTC Android smartphone, and an HTC Windows Phone

Why it's crazy: Dude just grilled not one but three smartphones! Dapat binigay mo na lang sa amin...

Why it's (possibly) brilliant: Bad as it may seem, the video might show us the type of phone that can best take the heat, literally. Who knows, maybe this could lead to better designs and more durable frames in the future...


2. Making a gigantic domino stunt with iPhones

Victims: 10,000 iPhones

Why it's crazy:  The sheer amount of Apple's wonder handset put in an endeavor like this might lead to a few of 'em malfunctioning after (sayang pera!). Plus, where the hell did they get all those iPhones?

Why it's (possibly) brilliant: Obviously, this was a well thought-out plan. Heck, the iPhone screens were even put in sync to show the ad (which is the whole point of the vid) at the end. We tip our hats off to you, mga ser, ma'am!

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