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Aug 13, 2013
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Smartphones are the shiznit! From acting as your mobile computer to connecting you to the Internet at breakneck speeds, they can do things that will make techies from a decade ago drool with longing. And of course, apps. Don't forget the apps...and selfies!


Sometimes, however, the nostalgic geek in us misses the handsets from the good old kopong-kopong days. They may suck in terms of sheer hardware and features compared to their next-gen kin. But hey, today's superphones wouldn't have been possible without these pioneering phones.

That said, join us as we temporarily suspend our preoccupation with today's mobile beasts and take a look back at the quirks that made old-school cellphones so much awesome!

1. Operator logo

what we miss about old phones
Those who wanted to spice up the look of their mobile phone's display back in the day usually paid for (or even created their own) operator logos. For you #kots, an operator logo is a graphic that replaces the name of your network service provider on the home screen. You could choose from a ton of different designs that the experts at Greenhills can make for you.

2. Swappable covers

what we miss about old phones
If you're not digging how your handset looks, why not change or swap covers? This feature was available among many phones in the late '90s and early '00s and was a good way to make the phoneand, by extension, its ownerstand out. In an age when the kitikitexter generation started to blossom, this was definitely a cool thing.

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