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The Third Birthday: The Real Reasons You're Buying It

<p>How much is too much to like a girl in a videogame?</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 31, 2011
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Pretty much every male gamer weaned into gamedom during the PSOne era knows Parasite Eve. To be crude about it, the series was essentially an RPG version of Resident Evil with mitochondria, mutations and Manhattan taking the place of zombies, biochemical viruses, and mansions with secret laboratories hidden below.

That formula proved to be successful. A little over 1.9 million copies of the first game were sold, while the second game, Parasite Eve II, breached the million-mark as well. Even critics were quite fond of the series, specifically the first game, as Famitsu, the most popular Japanese gaming magazine, ranked Parasite Eve as the 16th best Playstation game in a list of 100.

So it comes as no surprise that there was a demand for another Parasite Eve game. And now it’s here, and it goes by the name, The 3rd Birthday (we wonder too why they just didn’t call it ‘Parasite Eve III). It may have taken 11 years to arrive (Parasite Eve II was released in 2000) but hey, better late than never, right? The game is now available for the Sony PSP.

The reaction has been mixed so far. IGN commends the game’s top-caliber visual presentation, and justifies why it’s one of the most intense shooters on the PSP. Gamesradar, on the other hand, states that while the game’s challenging nature makes it fun, the controls can be a bit crummy at times. The story too, they say, won’t exactly be winning any awards soon.

If you’ve ever played and loved Parasite Eve though, we’re sure you’re getting this one. We’re also sure that, game play aside, the following things below could be significant factors why you’re going to get it.

1) You’ve missed Aya Brea

Aya Brea was, and still is, one of the sexiest video game babes of all time. That we rarely saw much of her, or that we rarely heard anything about her until now just makes us all the more excited. As far as we’re concerned, she’s right up there with the Lara Croft’s and the Chun-li’s of the world in terms of digital hotness.

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