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Ultrabooks: Slim Laptops on Steroids

Anorexic powerhouses
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 17, 2012
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So, what gadget range is making the most buzz this year? Tablets? Smartphones? Nah. Check out the ultrabooks, brother. Ultrabooks are a new breed of laptops that boast top of the line hardware and a body that would make other notebooks look overweight.

But what exactly is an ultrabook? Some confusion surround the definition, especially since ultrathin and light laptops have been around since forever. Intel actually came up and trademarked it to describe slim yet powerful devices that run on its processors.

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To make matters simpler, here are a few things a notebook has to have to be considered an ultrabook:

  • A thickness of no more than 0.71 inches (18mm)
  • Weight less than 3.1 pounds
  • A battery life of at least 5 hours
  • An Intel processor
  • Fast boot up times

Got that? Now let's see the ultrabooks that have not only been launched but also are now available here in the Philippines. See their specs and key features in the gallery below.

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