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Unholy Videogames That'll Help You Embrace Your Dark Side

Bring your holy water and grab that torch—we’re cleansing the world of virtual demons
by Karen Mae De Vera | Apr 13, 2017
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Videogames have always received a bad rap from the conservative crowd. Even Final Fantasy was blamed for corrupting the youth. Check it out, this '80s video warns folks about black magic’s presence in video games.

TL;DR excerpt: “This is the teaching of the occult. There was no God judging the hearts of mankind. There was no moral code to live up to. We just had this power that we could use at our discretion.” 

Won’t somebody please think of the children? Well, that’s why the rating system was developed! Fortunately, the T- and M-rating has allowed videogames to grow as a more sophisticated storytelling medium for an older audience without pandering to the family-friendly market. You can explore serious subject matters, mature themes, and graphic scenes that might not fly with a younger set, including death, destruction, and demonic entities.

Videogames aren’t the first and won’t be the last to get shat on for being a “bad influence.” (There are more pressing things to worry about like RL bloodshed and devastation.) So might as well embrace the stigma and spend your long holiday getting in touch with the dark side.

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Now crank up that death metal album as we round up the type of games conservatives are bound to bitch about. Let the sin begin!

1) Doom

This space shooter proves that you don’t need to weave an intricate tale in order to engage players. The gist? You’re a space marine who fights off an army of demons on Mars. And there’s blood, carnage, and pew-pew-pew action. Oh, and your character begins the game by waking up in a stone coffin. Gnarly!

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2) Diablo III

The name says it all. The End Times are near and demonic forces are slowly making their way back to Sanctuary. Fight your way against a backdrop of fire and brimstone as you take on waves upon waves of the undead and capture the seven Lords of Hell.

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3) Devil May Cry

DMC is like the Divine Comedy for the weeb market, only with an abundance of hack-and-slash goodness and cinematic sequences. (Though the recent installment looked more Western) Demon halfbreed twins Dante and Vergil are at odds with each other so you can throw in a Cain and Abel reference in there, too.

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4) Legacy of Kain

The franchise features a complex storyline about vampires, destiny, time traveling, and consuming souls. The game lets you annihilate minions in the most gruesome ways possible. In Blood Omen, multi-colored blood from your enemies stood for the usual in-game healing items. The story remains unfinished and fans are still hoping for another outing.

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5) Silent Hill

The survival horror series has players travel to dark twisted worlds that have cultists, possessed children, possessed apartment buildings, specters buried in the walls, and unearthly topless (and by that, we don't mean boobs but the whole torso’s gone) creatures fucking.


6) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

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It’s the end of the world and it’s set for a rebirth. You’re a human-turned-demon stuck in this post-apocalyptic mess, where you recruit hellish creatures to your party and occasionally leech items off of them. You also have the ability to influence the outcome of the world’s rebirth. Plus, you’ve got Baal and Lucifer in bishounen form.

And since Atlus has hinted at a new game for the Nintendo Switch, we are effin’ hyped!

7) Bayonetta

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This bespectacled badass witch looks like the dominatrix of your dreams. (More like Bae-yonetta, right?) The beat-em-up game is an all-out brawl with angels and demons. As if it’s not obvious that the game deals with occultism, there are two warring factions—Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches. The titular heroine’s source of power is from making a pact with an Inferno demon. She can also morph into animals and summon gigantic bloodthirsty creatures from the pits of hell. Now that's hellishly sexy!

8) Castlevania

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With Count Dracula as the main villain and his host of nightmarish, yet beautifully drawn, creatures of the night, there was no doubt this classic series would make the cut. We never tire of following the Belmont clan’s time-honored tradition of kicking vampire ass.

9) Persona

The long-running series is so popular that most people don’t even know that it’s a spin-off of the previously mentioned Shin Megami Tensei. Each installment may vary, but the school-themed JRPG consistently has you battling both physical and inner demons. With Persona 5 recently dropping last week, you’ll be in for another feels trip.

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10) The World of WarCraft

With the wide cast of characters in WoW, you’re bound to encounter demonic creatures in the classic horn-and-hoof variety and then some. There’s the Burning Legion, Draenei, and Abyssals to name a few. Plus, reaping souls to powerful magic.

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