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The Worst of Apple Maps

A friendly warning to iPhone 5 users
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 26, 2012
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Hey Apple, you have a problem!

Apple's new map and navigation feature, called Maps, is apparently acting up leading to tons of users trooping online with their pitchforks to voice out their displeasure. It's the mother of all glitches, if you ask us, and too bad this had to happen right after the release of their newest wonder baby, the iPhone 5.

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But wait, before we go further, what is Maps? One of the crowning glories of Apple's latest mobile platform iOS 6 (found in the iPhone 5 and soon in other Apple products), it's an app that provides turn-by-turn navigation, updated maps, traffic info, local searches, and even 3D views of different locations around the world. In other words, it's the company's panapat to Google Maps, which previously helped Apple users get around, before it was ditched in favor of this new creation.

It sounds nifty and all but unfortunately, the reality isn't as enticing, so far at least. We've been hearing of bugs ranging from misplaced location info (i.e. schools labeled as airports) and bizzare 3D renderings worthy of a surrealistic painting to landmarks and even whole islands that have gone missing! Bummer!

Apple is reportedly hard at work trying to remedy the situation and all we can really do is hope that Maps will soon function properly. (And, of course, we could also poke fun at it while we're all hoping.) Check out the gallery below for an idea of just how effed up Maps currently is. Spolier alert: the Philippines wasn't spared! Araykupo!

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Gallery images via The Amazing World of iOS Maps

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