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The 25 Worst Passwords Of 2015

Any of your passwords in the list? Yes? You know what to do.
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 21, 2016
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If there's one thing we've learned from using gizmos like PCs, smartphones, and tablets 24/7, it's this: The password is your first (and oftentimes only) line of defense against unauthorized access of data.

The sad thing is, many of us still don't give a damn or are just too darn lazy to come up with a password that someone can't crack in a few tries. It's okay if we're talking about annoying but harmless "wall-raping," but what if a real hacker is out to make a profit from stealing your files?

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So this year, as one of our techie resolutions for 2016, let's come up with better (read: harder to guess) passwords. And we can start by not using the ones in SplashData's (a leading provider of security applications) list of the 25 most popular passwords for 2015.

1. 123456

2. password

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. 12345

6. 123456789

7. football

8. 1234

9. 1234567

10. baseball


11. welcome

12. 1234567890

13. abc123

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14. 111111

15. 1qaz2wsx

16. dragon

17. master

18. monkey

19. letmein

20. login

21. princess

22. qwertyuiop

23. solo

24. passw0rd

25. starwars

Any of your passwords in this list? You know what to do (and don't be a slouch about it).


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