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There's A New Bug Infecting The iPhone Messages App

It's not the end of the world though...
by Tanya Umali | Jan 4, 2017
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One good thing about Apple gadgets is that they are not as vulnerable to viruses as other brands. However, there are a few glitches that some of these devices experience. 

Take for example the seemingly harmless video that circulated on iPhones late last year. It affected iOS versions 5, which is the earliest available, up to the latest which is 10.1. 

Now, a new glitch is making its rounds in the form of a text message which affects the Messages app on any iPhone. The flaw presents itself in the form of a vCard, a transferable Address Book contact, which when opened would render your Messaging app incapable of opening. Imagine not being able to read or send any texts. Even restarting the phone won't solve the problem. 

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Apparently, the bug includes thousands of lines of malicious code which freeze the iPhone's Messaging app, and only a white screen becomes visible to the user. 

Luckily, Apple hacker vincedes3 was able to crack the malicious message and was able to fix it. 

So the question now is, how do you fix it exactly?

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According to vincedes3, there are two ways. One is to click an HTML link on your iPhone which would open a new text message. Once it's open, press cancel and delete the thread containing the bugged vCard. 


Another solution is to ask Siri to send you a text message using the infected phone. Tap on the message on the Siri screen and it will then lead you to your fully functioning, virus-free Messages app. 

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Simple enough? If not, here's a video explaining how to get rid of the pesky bug:

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