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There's A New (Free!) 'Pokemon' Game For Your Phone

So, if 'Pokemon Go' is Pogo, then 'Pokemon Quest' is Poque (LOL)
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 25, 2018
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Does anybody still play Pokemon Go? The game's recent update may have brought Pokemon trading at last, but we can't help but feel that there's no one left to trade with anyway—and we've got a new mobile monster game on the way too: Pokemon Quest.

A top-down action game, Pokemon Quest or Poque features the original gang of pocket monsters in a cutesy all-cube art style. Your team of three Pokemon run around Tumblecube Island and engage wild enemies on their own, but you can assign attack commands and basic tactics—an additional layer of strategy comes from assembling a team with long or short range combatants and, of course, varying Pokemon elemental types.

You also have a home base that you can fill with all sorts of cute things that will trigger the gotta-catch-em-all part of your brain. Poque is free-to-play and comes with a slightly annoying "battery" system that limits your playtime until it recharges (or you pony up) but Quest is the passive grind type of experience that is perfect for idling away time in small chunks rather than marathon sessions anyway.

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It's already out on the Switch, but for everyone who doesn't have one—aka most of us—prepare some data allocation to download it on mobile this June 27!

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