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Get A Load Of These Hilarious 'NBA 2K17' Glitches

Sometimes, we think they’re doing it on purpose
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 2, 2016
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Let’s get one thing straight: NBA 2K17 is the most comprehensive basketball video game to come out in years. In fact, this year’s version is miles ahead of its previous incarnation. But no NBA 2K game is complete without first going through a glitch phase—the part where all the in-game bugs show up—because that’s when the funniest shit usually happens. Look:

Just so you know, one of the top rookie picks in this year’s draft has a black hole for a face.

Guess we’ll just have to accept the fact that the game will never get those face scans right.

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The NBA rulebook doesn’t exactly prohibit a player from dunking using his head, so that’s precisely what these guys did.

Not one of the coaches and players had the guts to tell Jimwell that he looks like a human green screen.

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Turns out Buboy will never fulfill his dream of playing in an NBA game—because his teammates literally won’t let him.

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As most of you know, professional athletes sometimes love to get under each other’s skin.

For the first time ever, invisible arms and legs have made their way into the game. Technology has come a long way.

Players who break their backs this way usually stay in the sidelines for, uhm, good.

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Hey, 2K Sports! We hope you fix these glitches soon. And thanks for the laughs!

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