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These NBA 2K17 Character Models Look Nothing Like Their RL Counterparts

Changing, ehem, the face of sports gaming
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 4, 2016
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As far as in-game graphics and player likeness go, NBA 2K has come a long way from box-shaped heads and pixilated audience members. The character models in this year’s edition are so lifelike that an unassuming passerby could possibly mistake them for the real thing. Well, save for a few unfamiliar faces.

For starters, this is Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio. Ricky isn’t much of a scorer, but he more than makes up for it with his crisp passes and unprecedented eye for open teammates.

Unfortunately, the guys at 2K Sports somehow managed to turn a Spanish pretty boy into a Mexican crack head.

This is Chicago Bulls center Robin Lopez. RoLo spent the first few years of his pro career playing second fiddle to his twin brother Brooke, but has since developed a reputation as a blocking big man.

How they got Brooke’s face right and Robin’s face wrong, no one knows for sure. They’re identical twins, for crying out loud.

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This is Orlando Magic shooting guard Evan Fournier. Thanks to his many contributions on the court, the French sharpshooter earned himself a hefty payday with the team this offseason.

Meanwhile, the guys responsible for this face deserve a pay cut.

This is New York Knicks center Marshall Plumlee. After going undrafted this year, the former Duke big man played well enough in the NBA Summer League to earn a spot in the Knicks roster.

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Unfortunately, he made it to the pros a tad bit too late. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have settled for this Neanderthal.

This is Los Angeles Clippers center Diamond Stone. The 19-year-old seven-footer spent one season playing for Maryland before deciding to give the pros a try.

They obviously don’t think he’d make it past the season, because they didn’t even bother scanning his face in the game.

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This is Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Domantas Sabonis. The Lithuanian baller is perhaps best known as the son of legendary big man Arvydas Sabonis, who played for Portland in the ‘90s.

Having said that, we wonder how Arvydas would react once he finds out that the developers butchered his son’s face.

Lastly, this is Thunder shooting guard Alex Abrines. Prior to signing with the Thunder, Alex played for top European teams Unicaja and FC Barcelona.

Take it from Alex: You’re not famous until you’re NBA 2K famous. Better luck next year, buddy.

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Of course, these botched faces are only one update away from being fixed, so we’re willing to overlook these minor boo-boos. Just get your act together next time, 2K Sports!


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