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7 Things We Miss About Old Cellphones

Playing Snake!
by Tanya Umali | Oct 12, 2016
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Almost all of us are hooked to our smartphones. Not a minute goes by where we aren't checking our mobiles because of notifications. Our world was different not so long ago. We were perfectly content with phones that had no cameras, used a black and white display, and had no connection to the internet.

What was life like back then? 

Let's head down memory lane and recall what our old phones were capable of. Check out the list below and see if you can remember any of these (almost forgotten) old phone features:

1. Composing ringtones

Because your old phones weren't able to play mp3 music due to the limited space and technology, you had to rely on pre-installed ringtones or self-composed tunes. 

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Remember where you got the cheat sheets from? From old song hits of course! 

2. T9 texting

Remember the Qwerty keyboard? In retrospect, it was a pretty slow way of texting, but you managed to get by. 

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3. Playing Snake, Bantumi, or Space Impact

No internet, no problem. Back when people weren't obsessed with internet, you had games like Snake to keep you company when you were bored. 

4. Group messaging

This is the '90s counterpart of Facebook group chat. Back then, you had to constantly load up your prepaid phones and register to an unli promo in order to text your barkada

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5. Light up stickers or charms

Majority of the old phones had one stuck on the back. Like magic, everyone believed it predicted when someone was about to text you. However, people soon figured out that the reason it lit up was because the phone was vibrating. 

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6. Having acetate or backlights installed

Due to your phone's lack of color, you needed to go to Greenhills to have a cool acetate or colorful backlight installed just to give your screen some personality. Though it tends to damage our mobile, we still paid for that touch of flare. 

7. Buying different phone casings

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The more colorful, the better. Admit it, you had a case for every outfit and every occassion. Once you saw a new design  in the mall, you just felt the urge to buy it so that you can show it off to your pals.


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