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May 26, 2014
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You've heard about it, and we're sure you want it. Gents, we're talking about the Oculus Rift, that head-mounted stereoscopic display device that redefines “eye-candy.”

It's not the first of its kind in the market (and it certainly won't be the last), but it comes out looking more handsome than its predecessors in several aspects. The Oculus Rift quickly got the attention of gamers, techies, and even “normal folk” for several reasons: It's relatively smaller and more portable, comes at a more friendly price point, and offers a wide field of view and 360-degree head tracking (read: it follows your head's movement for a more realistic interaction with a virtual environment)—making users feel as if they're right inside a different, more magical world.

Check it out:

The Oculus Rift (and the device's maker, Oculus VR) has certainly been creating buzz in tech circles. And a few short years later—and after bagging the 2014 Best of CES award—it's already on Round 2: the second iteration of the device called the Development Kit 2 (DK2) can now be pre-ordered for $350 (around P15,300). This one ups the techie ante with improvements for visuals, like having a better OLED display that combats blur, and integrations for game developers.

All these VR talk make us wonder: If we have an Oculus Rift, what can we use it for? We came up with a list below that makes us dream of it even more—and wish Santa is real. The official consumer version won't come out until later this year (or maybe even next year), but it's always good to plan ahead, right?


But of course. The Rift was created primarily for gaming, so it will certainly excel here. Some of the titles that already offer support for the Oculus Rift include the awesome space-shooter EVE: Valkyrie and Valve's epic barilan game Team Fortress 2

In time, more developers will out games either made with the Rift in mind, or add VR support for their existing titles. The backing of companies like Epic Games and Valve all but ensures that you'll be playing with a VR display on your head for years to come.

Meanwhile, we'll keep dreaming of VR support for The Sims. Flappy Bird? Nah. Baka masira lang namin ang Oculus Rift sa asar.


Why stop at gaming when you can step into entirely different worlds? You can do this right now with Second Life (a program that offers a whole new virtual world where users interact with each other through avatars) minus a VR device, but we're also thinking the Oculus Rift will make the experience sweeter, not to mention more life-like. Imagine, a cooler, more pogi version of you walking into a new world where you can interact with others and forget the problems of real life in a jiffy.


Yes, it sounds oh-so-sci-fi-y, but it makes us all the more giddy for the near future. For now, however, we think full immersion may lead to a new form of online addiction, so we'll need to proceed with caution for this one. A VR-addicted dude that has deteriorating social skills doesn't really sound enticing to the ladies.

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